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Our vision

Help you become grow your social following through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 


Posts Per Month


Stories to engage w/ customers


Social Profile Management


Years of experience

Every other day posting of stories and posts.

Motivation Monday, Client Testimony Tuesday, Weekly promo reminder, Work features, company staff features.

Social Media Consultations.

Unlimited Access to social consulting strategies with Sofia Laasiri.

Monthly marketing strategy campaign.

Integrating monthly campaign or seasonal into follower base.

Basic content creation of images/headlines/call to action

Hashtag generation Basic following of accounts in demographic Fwd of questions to account admin.

Your Socials Managed By a Pro


Goal: SEO, Retweets, Quotes, Green Movement


Promotions, 30-50 age demographic, Social Groups, Customer Group, Social Share


High engagement, stories, hashtag re-following, follower growth of 100/month

Full Social Support

"What an amazing company! LaasDev can take your company/business/personal website and customize it to exactly what you're looking for. Beyond basic web integration and development, Sofia (owner) helps you achieve your business goals and fully integrates all the necessary components you need on your page(s). From commerce services to mobile compatibility, to anything you need - LaasDev has you covered. I'd highly recommend."

Experience design at scale

Custom content for turf, Southern California, Residential, Schools, Churches, and more!

Understand your user experience

Monthly Reports of Engagement 

remain responsive across devices

We Can't Wait To Work With You, Robert!